Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 22 -- Shopping Spree

I shopped in Orchard Road on Day 21, but this post is long enough for today, will backdate during next post. ^_________^


Lunch @ Food Republic, Vivo City
Oriental style food court, look familiar, like grandmother's house huh?

It's like 'people mountain people sea', difficult to get a place.

Old kitchen utensils, everything looks old, broken, used.

My lunch, fried hor fun (干炒河)

National Geographic (sorry, i forgot to take a photo of the entrance)

The 1st station i visited in National Goegraphic, putumayo world music. I don't know what 'putumayo' means, so I look for it in wikipedia and this is what i've got:-

The word putumayo comes from the Quechua language. The verb putuy means "to spring forth" or "to burst out", and mayo is a variant of mayu, meaning river. Thus it means "gushing river".

Hmmm.....anything to do with the music? All I saw was "Salsa", "African Reggae", "Latin", "Indian", "Acoustic French" etc. I tried to listen to it, kinda nice, as if you're in their world, dancing with them.

A wide selection of books, travel guides, magazines, postcards etc, all are from the photographers & journalists of National Geographic.

Cover page of monthly issue. I'm not sure which year, 'coz the words are too small.

The photo gallery

People sitting at the theater, watching National Geographic.

Furniture from worldwide for sale, some are antiques.

The fish fossil


Ooppss...I forgot to take a photo of cloths they sell here. It's damn expensive! Even more expensive than some branded stuff! A knitted blouse is over 100SGD!

Things I hunted today

A River Island blouse, guess how much is the price?

Chocolate from The Cocoa Tree, buy 3 get 1 free and I shared with Si Tieng.
Postcard entitled "The Venice Gondola". This is my dream travel destination.

Bought 2 Bearbrick 19 series for my brother.

This is the skirt I wanted to buy but I was broke. I purposely set a low budget for the day, so that I buy less, but i failed.
So Niko, please help to take note if this dress appears in Warehouse, buy for me with your stuff price.'s S$69 here

I saw new arrival Adidas sport shoes, nice T-shirt, elegant belt for my dress,sunglasses....Gosh, so much i wanted to buy. Wait for me ya, I'll come back next week after I've got my salary.

Drum performance, they're acting like Pinocchio.

Scenery outside Vivo City, opposite of Sentosa. I arrived just in time that I managed to capture the sunlight shining from the back of the cloud. Nice huh?


Saturday, January 9, 2010







巴黎 威尼斯纽约 拉斯维加斯
Lake Tekapo 悉尼
台湾希腊 阿拉斯加 埃及
阿姆斯特丹 万里长城
多伦多 尼加拉瀑布



A Glance at Neighbourhood

I took these pictures after dinner on my 2nd day in Singapore. Does my living environment look good?

A road next to my apartment.

Basketball court just in front of my apartment. How I wish I'm a basketball fan :p

Public barbeque area. We can only have this in condominiums in Malaysia.

Theater? I guess this is for activities organized by the resident community. I saw children roller-skating here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 - Landlord is a pet lover & Kitty's fan

Yes! My landlord (the wife) is a rabbit and guinea pig lover. I've never seen people keep rabbit and guinea pigs in living room, right on the tiles, only by fencing them as if they're in the cage. I really thought that she keeps them in huge cage when I visit the house and that's the reason I'm not allowed to use the living room. Kind enough, they provide a small tv in my room.



Other than that, she's a Hello Kitty fan. Here's the Kittys I could find around the house, her bedroom is excluded. Do you manage to spot more? I think I can initiate a game called "Kitty Hunting" in the house, who can get the most Kittys, he'll get prize, LOL...

Kitchen 厨房
Washing machine area 洗衣机周围
Kitchen sink 洗碗盆
Towel hanger 挂抹手布的

Corridor from Living to Dining 客厅到厨房的通道上
Her bedroom door 她的房门

On the wall between her bedroom & my bedroom 她的房门跟我的房门之间的墙壁上
Foyer 玄关

Kitty puzzle on the wall 墙上的吉蒂拼图

On top of her computer table 电脑桌上层

Mouse pad 滑鼠垫

TV cabinet 电视架

Living table 客厅咖啡桌

Magazine Rack 杂志架


This is nothing related to Kitty, it's only because they are cute!

Little seat at foyer 玄关可爱的凳子
Cartoonized animal puzzle 卡通动物拼图

p/s : The living room is actually a prohibited area but I sneaked into it to get these precious photos while the landlord is out to work :p Appreciate it, LOL....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Chapter 1 新加坡的第一天

Dang dang dang~~my first day in Singapore! It's really a busy and tiring day. Busy unloading my luggage and tidy up.

Everything you see here is provided by my landlord, including the pillows and bedsheet. So, don't you guys worry about me. :)
妈妈,不用担心啦!房东很好人啦!(暂时看来啦!) 给我两个枕头, 还把我的床铺好了!

Fan is brand new, tv, computer table and study table is in good condition. The only thing not so good is the air-cond, it's window unit =_= a bit noisy. Luckily I dun get used to sleep with air-cond switched on and my new room is not stuffy. It is not facing west, not too warm after sunset. :)
房间不是对着西边,太阳下山后一点都不觉得热哦!其实来到这里第二天,我都不知道太阳从那一边升起 :p

2 door wardrobe and a mirror given. :) Please note that that is not a stand for the mirror, it's a chair for the table =_= So I have to buy a new little table for the mirror perhaps.